We are what we keep?

It’s time to downsize. I’ve had thought about this since I was a kid. We used to play,

       if you could only save one thing from a burning house, what would it be?


I don’t have my vanity anymore, but I do have some things that I value. The bigger question is,

  what can I live without?

How many coffee mugs do I use in a week? Are these things enhancing my life, or weighing me down?

I want to lighten my load, free myself up for more fun and adventure. I don’t want to dust knick-knacks.

But, I’m learning that I can’t just jump in and toss things away. Before I can discard or give away, I have to learn to the simple art of detachment.


A lifetime of accumulation- books, pictures, little collectibles- I will weigh the cost of holding on to each.


I’m excited to begin this next chapter, and I am ready to shed another layer of the past. There are very special pieces that I will bring with me, but what does not bring me pleasure will be set aside.

I already feel lighter.






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