Dream Weaver



Spending the month of November under the weather with one ailment after another (I won’t bore you with the gory details,) December is for catching up on weeks of interrupted sleep.

My dreams prior to waking have been an interesting series of unresolved conflict-revealing inner turmoil, unfinished business, and a recent visit with the past.

Each dream is very vivid and the details remain with me for hours after waking. I should be journaling about each dream, but I for some reason I don’t feel the need to dissect these dreams.

There seems to be a pattern as the dream subject has been something tucked into my subconscious. In each dream I am speaking up for what I want, call out an injustice, or put into words what has long been on my heart.

I fall into the category of believing dreams are the mind’s way of illuminating the shadows of your soul.

The message seems clear. It’s time to speak up, challenge what isn’t right and make peace with what isn’t in my control.



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