A Little Test of Kindness

The Kindness Project was in full swing when I began noticing a small trend.

First let me mention I work for a church. The CEO of this organization is the King of Kindness. So being kind is more than just customer service, it’s a founding principle.

It’s easier to be kind to the nice people who return the kindness. The real challenge is being more than polite to the vexing ones. As the week progressed I realized the vexing folks have slowly emerged like little ants, one by one.

I only groaned once when I glanced at the call the other day, but I was practicing kindness so I was more gentle and patient.

Then another vexing character walked in the office. More gentleness and patience. Reflecting back I realize the change was with the way I approached the vexing ones. I didn’t let thoughts, judgments or negative thoughts filter through. I just smiled and asked how I could help.

They didn’t change- it was never about them, really. It’s about my attitude and learning how to detach all judgment.

That leads me a quote I read this evening:

“There’s no point in judging any of the crazy things that happen as                                                                either good or bad, they just are.”

For an INFJ the “J” looms pretty big, but I’m learning to let those judgments filter through without allowing those thoughts to take up any space. It creates a calm, less anxiety filled existence. In truth, I’m getting hooked on feeling calm, and I crave it to the point I will keep the chaos away.

Here are a few radical Self- Kindness indulgences I want to share:

Fall apples. Is there anything more delicious than biting into a tart-sweet apple in season?

Vanilla Tea. I don’t care for chai or green tea, but love rich, black tea. I couldn’t find vanilla tea so I made my own: English Breakfast Tea ( decaf so I can drink it in the evening,) and a teaspoon or more of vanilla extract (use Madagascar or make your own.)

Homemade shortbread cookies. Because I love baking. I search for the best cookie recipes and this one is wonderful. Thin, crisp and melt in your mouth buttery. Dunk one in your vanilla tea- pure bliss. World’s Best Butter Cookies


This morning I walked in a light mist while listening to the sound of rain through headphones. It was like being in a forest all by myself. I actually increased my speed (as compared to listening to music.)  Check out: My Noise


I hope this week you practice radical kindness. We need it.



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