The Hidden Benefits of Walking

Reading a friend’s blog post gave me the idea of writing about my own daily walk.

In July I made a vow to get up earlier and walk before work. This was difficult, because I had finally earned an extra hour of sleep now that my daughter had finished high school and I no longer had to make sure she didn’t sleep through her alarm.

I woke at 6 am, sometimes 6:15, but I walked for 45 minutes. Summer mornings in Florida are the only time to walk. The humidity is as low as the sun on the horizon.

I walked out of my neighborhood, past the elementary school, circled around the short block beyond the apartment complex and headed back. I always stopped near the school and took a picture of the sky- the sun was just lifting above the roofline of the school.

As August ended and September began, I noticed it was a bit darker at 6:00 am. I adjusted my route and worried about walking the dark streets. I walked fast and I stayed tense and alert. Then one morning I looked up.

The sky was a clear, deep velvet black filled with bright stars. I just stopped and stared.

I began to look forward to dark morning walks under the stars, looking for the Dipper. I named the shades of blue that appeared as dawn lightened the sky. In the east, scarlet and pink clouds appeared, the sun rising as I took the final steps towards home.

I walk for my physical health, but the hidden benefit is how the beauty of the changing sky reminded me to be present, to take time to admire the stars.



2 thoughts on “The Hidden Benefits of Walking

  1. What a beautiful post. Walking does clear the mind and, especially first thing in the morning, helps start the day on an invigorating note. On the subject of walking, may I recommend the book by Rory Stewart ‘The Places In Between’?

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