Soul Work

The soul work we do is so subtle, so easily postponed to another day, so low sometimes, on the list of priorities.~ Katrina Kenison- Moments of Seeing



This Friday morning I’ve checked email, washed a load of clothes, straightened up, turned on the dishwasher and generally distracted myself with busy-ness, while inside my soul cries- sit down and write!

I can easily find one hundred ways to keep myself from taking care of my needs. A demanding job, a large house to keep neat, groceries to buy, dinner to prepare, emails to answer, and loved ones who need my presence.

The autumn years are a stark reminder to recalibrate your priorities. Once defined by my roles: wife, daughter, sister, mother, teacher, caregiver, volunteer, friend- manyhave changed over the past ten years, some by circumstance, others because I’ve changed my focus.

I no longer look at my work as a career choice. It’s labor put out to receive the money I need to live a life. Salary was once my measuring stick of success. Now I want the freedom to leave work at the office door, and enjoy my leisure hours without checking in to get ahead.

Parenting is now done at a distance; all the kids are grown and out of the nest. There is a new freedom that comes from not having anyone directly dependent on you any longer. The challenge becomes not filling these hours with meaningless tasks.

It’s time to listen to my soul and put my needs first. Women give so much of themselves to their families and many others who need nurturing. It’s our nature. But we don’t nurture ourselves.

Last evening I arrived home after a chaotic day at the end a chock full week. I thought of all the tasks I had waiting at the door, but instead of diving into my next job, I filled the tub with warm water, chose a beverage, the book I’m reading and dropped in a fragrant bath bomb. Thirty minutes of quiet time just for me.

My soul work for the day.

img_4429                                                                   ©annettealaine2016



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