Welcome Back



It’s been a long, long time…

This year has flown by- it’s mid-October and my writing goals are far from realized. But the time has been chock full of change. In January two years of work upheaval was resolved with a new leader. In June, my daughter and step-daughter graduated from high school, a bittersweet achievement as these two were our babies. My husband and I spent the summer cramming in quality time with our girls while getting them ready to launch- one to Tampa, the other to St. Augustine.

August marked our official status change as empty-nesters. We have been adjusting quite well to our new found freedom. We are enjoying the honeymoon stage that completely skipped us five years ago, when we married and became the parents of five. The first couple of years was a blur of people coming and going, as each kid found their way to independence.

I had big plans for my new phase- to walk more, take up kayaking, find a writing group,  spend more time writing. One out of four isn’t bad.

I walk every morning, I took a kayak lesson, and I spend time writing- at work. All my creative juices have been funneled into the job, and I realized the other night that I am mourning the loss of my personal writing time.

Enter Katrina Kenison’s new book- Moments of  Seeing



This book arrived two days ago and I can’t stop reading and reflecting on my own ideas, feelings and musings of how life is going right now. Katrina’s blog was one of the first I ever subscribed to regularly and her books resonated with me. I began sharing my journal posts on my first blog, In Transition directly influenced by her writing style.

So ten years later, she inspires me to start writing again. This blog has been re-named Autumn Leaves. In the autumn of my life  it’s time to explore, be bold, and step out of the roles that have defined me for most of my life. It’s a time of discovery.



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