Compassion is the Word

Compassion is my word.  Each year I try to choose a word that I can carry with me- to ruminate on, and to incorporate into my life.

Empathy is easy to summon up at work when I encounter wounded souls. It’s my job to listen, to help and to show compassion.

Compassion has been more difficult in private encounters with close friends, or extended family, especially when I am judged by them.

It is January 4th and I have already been challenged to put my word into practice.  Four days! That’s how my life works.

The test came midday when I received a series of texts from a loved one. I was once again falsely accused to dissing an extended family member. I dug deep to put my anger aside and summon even a smidgeon of compassion for the person who became outraged.

A tiny morsel of compassion is all I could bring forth, but hey, I never said I was trying for sainthood. On the positive side, the search for compassion did something amazing for me- it keep my focus staying calm as the feelings of compassion sloooowwwlllyyy trickled into my heart.

It’s a start.



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