You Can’t Steal My Joy

This has been a challenging year.

As the stress has piled up, I had to find ways to nurture and take care of my emotional health.

Morning meditation and yoga stretches, taking stress fighting supplements and walking daily help my body cope with   stress.

Mentally, I have had a bigger challenge- how can I become waterproof? Remember the saying, “like water rolling of a duck’s back?”

Being bombarded with negativity from different areas of my life, I realized I needed more than internal pep talks- I needed to store up joy to become waterproof.

First joyful gratitude for the good people in my life. When under constant attack from nasty people, I found I put up walls to protect myself, but erecting walls keeps me from feeling the full measure of love from my cheerleaders.

The joyful reminder that I do not have to sup the poison that they spew. Become impervious to the constant attacks is often very difficult, especially when you encounter daily doses of poison.  So each week I begin the day repeating a mantra to get through the week.

This week my mantra is: you can’t steal my joy.

I joyfully reclaimed all of the music that had never been downloaded  when I upgraded my phone last year.

I listened to classical music this afternoon while taking my walk.

I turned up the music as I finished my chores this evening and danced around the room with a lack of self-consciousness and a total abandonment to the joy I felt moving to the songs of my youth.

Music will create the waterproof barrier this week.  I will keep the joy cranked loudly!



3 thoughts on “You Can’t Steal My Joy

  1. Annette,

    Even before I read this this morning, I awoke to the same realization. We deserve peace in all aspects of our lives. I’ve given myself permission to avoid and ignore anyone who sucks the joy from my life. It’s their responsibility to engineer their own happiness, just as it is my prerogative to seek and nurture my own.

    I wish you continuous joy.



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