You Can Go Your Own Way

When I was a chid I wanted my own way, and I was often frustrated when others would not to bend to my will.

My mother often reminded me that people don’t often get their own way.

As an adult we often forget this important lesson. We think if we can just convince someone of the truth- our truth, that the other person will be swayed, and things will go our way.

A bigger lesson we learn is the only person we can change is ourselves.

This hits home as the universe continues to teach me to let go of the need to be proven correct. I own my truth, but that doesn’t mean my truth is accepted by others.

I can continue to structure arguments and rebuttals in my head. I can wear the banner that proclaims I am a victim, or I can maintain my dignity, take that high road, and remember that it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

I have to live with myself. And I want my dwelling place to be pure.

Grudges, hate, discord, eats away at the body and the soul.

I choose the path of least resistance.



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