Time to Change

I’m ready for a change.

I’ve lived under a dark shadow, poison spread by a handful of people who are so very miserable inside.

I want to live in the light. Today the sun began shining for the first time in many, many days. I take that as a sign to move into lighter, brighter times.

Can we change people? Of course not. We can only change ourselves. We hear that all of the time, but it’s so difficult to let go of the thought that if we try hard enough, try to reason, try extra kindness, or chant some magic charm we can change their minds.

I’ve spent most of this year doing all of the above. Have I changed anyone’s mind?

Yes. My own.

i respectfully no longer care what they think.

I want fun, lightness, and laughter. I want silly jokes, crazy ideas, and adventures.

Tomorrow begins another day, another phase.



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