Five Lessons Learned

That which does not kill us makes us stronger. ~Friedrich Nietzsche

 The first painful lesson learned this week: absolute power corrupts, absolutely.  Power trips are nothing new, but when a leader is not able to handle the sudden surge of authority, there is going to be trouble.

Which brings us the next lesson:  not all leaders are equipped to lead. Good leaders are open to learning more about how to lead. Excellent leaders build trust by treating their team as professionals. Respect your team and listen respectfully to their ideas, thoughts and concerns, and you will gain their trust.

And that’s lesson three: be careful who you ultimately trust. We want to trust that our leaders have our best interests at heart, but that isn’t always the case. Don’t trust someone just because they are in a position of authority. A corrupt leader will manipulate weaker members of the team, commiserating, and filling a person’s head with empty promises. If it doesn’t seem right…

then go to lesson four: trust your gut. It always knows what is false even when the head is filled with visions of grandeur. If the hair on the back of your neck is lifting when someone walks into a room, trust your instincts. If what comes out of their mouth does not match the body language exhibited, stay on guard.

All of this leads to the greatest lesson: maintain your integrity no matter what goes on. The truth will be revealed and your integrity will shine in sharp contrast to the web of deceit woven by those with no integrity at all.

The universe will always strive for balance. Lies and deceit upset this balance. Lean on those you can trust, keep the faith, and stay true to yourself.



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