Reality Check

New life lesson-

If you can accept your reality, you accept what you cannot change.

Sounds simple, right?

I have a number of realities to deal with right now.

I work in a toxic environment. I have strong support systems in place, but it drains all my energy. It’s hard to stay positive with vampires who suck the sunshine out of a room.

Once I realized that I can’t change them, I decided to change my reality.  I meditate every morning to cleanse my mind and set a positive intention for the day. I get up,leaving the area if the vibe becomes too negative, and tap into my support system.

I accept the reality that you can’t change people’s feelings about you. If a person has made up his/her mind about you, trying to prove them wrong is exhausting and futile.

I choose to spend my time staying true to my self.

After all, ‘you can’t please everyone, so you got to please yourself’~ Rick Nelson

©annettealaine 2015


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