My Business

Five days of time not spent working at the office. It was bliss.

One day I focused on cleaning up my creative space. I want to spend more time in there when it’s neat and tidy.

Another day I went for a long walk on the beach. I walked along the water’s edge and looked for shells. I let the water roll over my feet and I listened to the sound of the waves hitting the shore. Pure bliss.

Saturday I attended a writer’s workshop at the art museum. Using Natalie Goldberg’s exercises, we meditated, and wrote for ten minute sessions. We walked in the galleries, we strolled through the magnificent gardens and I wrote more than I have in months. Pure bliss.

I read a couple of books without having to stop because of pesky intrusions. I took naps, I went for long walks.

I sat on the porch and enjoyed the cool breeze. I sat in the sun for brief periods of time.

I got up early and listened to the birds as I sipped my coffee.

I slept in and was glad I had no where to be.

I ate healthy things. I ate when I was hungry. Bliss.

I took care of business. The business of taking care of me.



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