The universe reminds of us of the lessons we must learn in this life- sometimes over and over again.

We cannot force people to accept what they do not want to believe. The real truth is too painful to accept.

Instead humans choose a scapegoat.

The word scapegoat finds its roots in the book of Leviticus : on Yom Kippur, the high priest would symbolically lay the sins of the Israelites on its head and then let the goat loose in the wilderness. (Lev. 16:8,10,26.)

Later the term was used for a person or group made to bear the blame for others.

Becoming the scapegoat for those who cannot bear to face the dysfunction within their own lives and relationships, feels like the kid who unwittingly wears the kick me sign, while others snicker and aim kicks at his backside.

Removing the sign does not fix the problem. The damage has been done to the poor soul.  And as long as those who have chosen their scapegoat continue to pin all their sins on the scapegoat, there is no way to heal or move on. Instead the scapegoat carries the stigma forever, or until another scapegoat is found.

So what is the scapegoat to do? How does he escape this fate?

©annettealaine 2015


One thought on “Scapegoat

  1. I would say to stop all contact with those using them as that scapegoat, fill their life only with people who give them positive feedback, forge forward forming their own values of high principles and living by those values.

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