Life Hacks

I’ve been a bit cranky this week, I admit. The warmer temperatures kicked the vegetation into blooming overtime causing pollen to rain down on cars, patios and hair and clothes. As I sat sniffling into a tissue and surfing through my Facebook feed I found several “Hacks” that promise to make my life easier and more productive.

“10 Life Hacks that will Make You Richer!”

“99 Life Hacks to Make Your Life Easier”

“46 Most Brilliant Life Hacks”

“79 Hacks That Will Change Your Life”

So what is a hack? For those who haven’t encountered this hot new word a hack refers to any trick, shortcut,skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency.

So what my mother called a quick fix, or Mother’s know-how is now renamed a hack.

I began thinking of the hacks I grew up with.Perhaps you will recognize a few, too.

A little spit on a run will stop it from traveling up your panty hose, or the clear nail polish trick to stop a run.

Spit on a tissue, preferably on that has been balled up in the bottom of Mom’s purse, will clean sticky stuff, and dirt off a kid’s face.

A damp piece of tissue will also stop a shaving cut from bleeding,

Spatulas make great ice scraper is a pinch.

Hide your jewelry and other valuables in the freezer- use that box of succotash, no one will touch it.

Pinch the bridge of your nose and throwing your head back stops a nose bleed.

There were so many others that my mother used and passed on to us.

What are some of your favorite “Mom Hacks?”

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2 thoughts on “Life Hacks

  1. Not from my mom but from me: If you get a drop of bleach on a garment, sometimes you can hide the white spot with a magic marker of the same color as the garment, From context, I had figured out what the word “hack” meant, , but I am glad to have your official confirmation, Annette! I still ;refer the word “tip.” (I don’t like change. Guess that comes along with getting old!)

  2. I can’t say that I have come across this word yet, Annette. I bet I will now because that’s just how things go. I don’t know who I heard this from, but if you get a paper cut and put a bit of superglue over it, the cut doesn’t feel as bad. I have tried it and it seemed to work. I know it may not seem the best thing to do, but it didn’t seem to cause any harm.
    : )

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