Refilling the Jug

I’ve suffered from writer’s block lately. It’s hard to create when your trying too hard. So I ignore the advice to write anything, and let myself replenish the jug.

During my rest time I read. Most of the time I stick to one book at a time, but I decided to create a tasting menu of different things. I am reading bit by bit, Anne Lamott’s Small Victories. I’ve highlighted certain passages and make some notes about some of the ideas that come to me as I mull over her wise, funny words.

I am slowly savoring a simply wonderful book that was recommended by Katrina Kenison, called The Shape of a Year, by Jean Hersey. Written in 1947, Hersey’s writing is slow and mindful. Her descriptions of the land surrounding her home in Connecticut stir the imagination. The simple illustrations add charm to her monthly reflections on how the earth breathes in from Autumn through the long Winter, and then breathes out slowly through Spring and Summer. Isn’t that a wonderful image? I’m completely captivated by her words and style.

I’ve immersed myself in art- visual art. A new exhibit at our local art museum highlights the St. Johns River. Since my office is steps from the river, the beauty that surrounds me fuels my imagination and many of my poems are based on the ever changing landscape around me. I take a couple of photos almost daily on my phone. These pictures will spark a poem at some point in the future.

I’m discovering new blogs and new writers with something interesting to say. I take note, and jot notes when I hear a phrase or idea worth saving.

I don’t worry about the dry spells as much as I used to. They are necessary to sustain creativity.

©annettealaine 2015


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