Brief Sketch: A Girl and her Doll

The little girl strolled around the classroom alone. Her kindergarten classmates were outside in the cold winter sunshine playing, but she had been ill. She was not allowed to play outdoors.

She picked up her brand new baby, the beautiful blonde doll baby she had received for her birthday and held her close. She moved the baby’s arm down and the baby scowled and cried out.

“Oh, no sweet baby. You must be ready for you bottle.” The little girl ran to her bag and pulled out the miniature baby bottle with the real rubber nipple. She tipped the bottle and tested the water on her wrist as she had seen her Mommy check her baby brother’s formula.

“There, there,” the little girl crooned. “Here’s some delicious  milk for you.”

She sat on the teacher’s wooden rocker and held her baby close. Baby began to drink her milk, as the girl sang her a song.

When the bottle was finished, the girl lifted the baby to her shoulder gently patted her back, like her Mommy did until her brother let out a loud burp.
The girl was all alone, but never lonely. She had her baby and her imagination.
©annettealaine 2015

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