Lies, lies, lies.

So Brian Williams lied about his helicopter experience in Iraq and everyone is jumping on the condemnation train. Before the military supporters begin telling me that this somehow diminishes their sacrifice, let me hold up my hand in stop sign fashion.

I get it. But, do we really get to throw stones? Who among us has never told a lie or embellished the truth just a bit to make us look better? Who hasn’t said, “I only lied to protect your feelings.”

We are all guilty of a revisionist history. It’s the very way our brain recalls memories. The memory cannot be relied on to be accurate. Every time we recall the past, or pull up a memory, it’s been compromised by our past recollections. Some childhood events that I believed were my memories, I’ve discover are actually a re-telling of the event by another family member.

I’m not going to begin to analyze or make assumptions about how and why Brian Williams recalled events in a way that was not true to the facts, and I will not jump on the bandwagon that now believes he’s lied about everything.

I do, however, find it ironic that a whole war with Iraq based on lies and false facts fed to the press and the American people is less troublesome to many people than Brian William’s helicopter tale. At least his lie hurt no one but himself.

©annettealaine 2015


4 thoughts on “Lies

  1. You made me think. I had never thought about evaluating lies by the degree to which they hurt someone else. Interesting thought–if we only hurt ourselves by lying, it is not so serious as if we hurt others–especially others hurt seriously. I have always wondered if someone tells an untruth but believes it to be truth, then is it a lie? Or just not accurate? Accuracy is always important since only the truth can set us free.

  2. I happen to have seen the original airing of the reunion story and wondered how many other vets from Iraq or wherever would have a similar story except that Brian Williams was a witness and potential casualty. Somehow this story grew legs and got away from Williams and his producers before they had their facts straight and no one put on the brakes. I don’t think this was a serious or hurtful lie and it isn’t worth losing a job over. On the other hand…I have to admit that I have chuckled a little with the ribbing that he got with pictures of him running up the beach at the Normandy landing or standing next to Lincoln at Gettysburg…but you are right – enough already…

    1. I posted those photos on Friday because I thought they were hilarious, and no one pokes more fun at Brian, than Brian himself. I guess my greater concern and growing annoyance is the ease in which those with a larger agenda go after something like this but ignore the issues with our banks, big corporations and corrupt politicians.

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