Lessons to Learn

A man left the world last evening.

“Larger than life” described him well.

He was physically large and had an even larger personality.

He had an imposing figure and a booming voice, but he was a very, gentle man.

He played Santa for the Sunday School kids every year. They loved him.

I’ve been thinking about what words I would use to describe him,  joy- filled  is my choice.

I didn’t know him very well, but I knew him by his joyful presence, and outpouring of love that oozed out of him like honey from the jar.

A man so filled with the spirit, he could not contain himself, shouting out a heart felt “Amen” after a hymn or sermon.

That’s not the norm in the Episcopal Church but he didn’t care- when the spirit swept over him, he had to make his own joyful noise.

I’m convinced there’s a lesson to be taken from each person’s life.

For Marc the lesson is simple- live fully, and look for the joy every day.

©annettealaine 2015


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