The Art of Careful Editing

The Art of Careful Editing…”The stories we tell ourselves are very different from the stories we tell the world…”~ Donald Miller

What an intriguing thought. There are certainly embarrassing or painful episodes we would all love to re-write, but what about some of the smaller choices and paths taken? How would you decide what stays and what needs a re-write?

How would I edit my actual life into a better story? What would I change? The possibilities are boundless. I could go all the way back to my family’s choice to move to Florida when I was fourteen. My life most certainly would have been very different, but if this exercise does nothing but fill me with regrets, then it becomes a dangerous game.

However, what if the editing is looked at as an exercise in stripping down- taking stock and reconsidering what one strives for in life. Transition time has been an opportunity to re-write my own life. I have changed careers, gone through a divorce, lost my job, married again, and with each change, whether planned or not, there has been an opportunity to edit my life and change its direction.

If we explore the past, look at our choices and put aside the regrets, we can find a way to get a second chance at life the first time around.


3 thoughts on “The Art of Careful Editing

  1. In writing, some people write the whole book and then go back and edit the whole book; whereas other people edit as they go, page by page. So the latter is the perspective that you seem to have of ‘editing’ as you go, rather than waiting to the end of life and trying to ‘rewrite’ it the way it could have been better. Interesting!

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