Crepe Myrtle

I’ve see as kinds of quizzes on Facebook lately. What animal are you most like?

What kind of tree are you?


Walking in my neighborhood this late afternoon I was noticing how bare most of the deciduous trees are~ an unusual site in Florida this early in November. We’ve had cooler than normal temperatures, and it has spurred the trees to shed their leaves.

Fall in Florida, (I use the word “Fall” because we never achieve the total beauty of Autumn), goes quickly. Trees are green and  overnight they turn brown  dropping all their leaves at once.

One exception is the Crepe Myrtle. This tree begins to change its wardrobe slowly. Its modest little leaves turn yellow, orange, and scarlet knobby branches and trunk quietly shed its bark~exposing a regal majesty in its denuded state.  The Crepe Myrtle’s  mottled bark holds a grace and beauty that is only realized when its bare.

The tree reminds me of  a woman with no make-up. Her face a mask she puts on for the world, but when the face is naked her unadorned beauty reveals her  soul.

I greatly admire the Crepe Myrtle for its bright summer blossoms that rain pink petals all summer, but  I love its bare- strength revealed when the outer trappings of beauty a shed.
And the more mature the tree becomes the more it reveals- just like us.

©annettealaine 2014


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