Seeing Red

I want a red dress.

Why red? Why now?

I just bought two tubes of red lipstick.

The first time I put it on, I had to fight the urge not to rub it off.

Looking in the mirror at my scarlet slash of mouth made me self-conscious.

But, I continue to paint my lips red at least three mornings per week, as I sit in the car at a traffic stop.

Why red? Why now?

I went back to red hair after years of hiding it with ashy blonde highlights.

Why red? Why now, indeed?

I’ve always been the understated one; skirt lengths at the knee or lower, barely a hint of cleavage.

My mother tried in vain to get lipstick on my bare, clear glossed lips.

At forty I got tired of being invisible to others. I was tired of hiding behind the suburban mom facade. My hair went back to strawberry red with some help from Revlon.

People noticed.

Some people hated it, and told me so.

I’m still a red head.

At fifty I’ve decided to stop hiding from myself. I want to wear red lipstick and buy a red dress.

I am bold, and I am confident.

So why red?

It’s my outward sign of  my inner strength.

©annettealaine 2014


5 thoughts on “Seeing Red

  1. Go for it, Annette! Nice post. I still have trouble wearing red lipstick, but a red dress…that I could do. What’s the difference? Not sure, but I think it is the fact that Rob likes the bright colors on me. The lipstick, not so much. ~ nan

  2. Nice one, Annette. I don’t wear lipstick much anymore. But I have been thinking about red lately. My color of choice was always mauve or a deep pink. I’ve always loved red hair…it’s so pretty.

    1. I never wore lipstick except on fancy dress occasions. As I age my lips are getting pale and I like the color brightening up my face.
      And I LOVE my red hair. It’s my vain glory for sure.

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