When I was Nine and Ten


So who was I at nine or ten? What was precious to me? What gave me fulfillment? What shaped my world?

At nine and ten, I was sometimes quiet, and some times quite noisy. I hated kickball, but loved to jump rope. I was afraid of whizzing balls going past my face during dodge ball games, but loved to play four square.

At nine and ten, I had a close circle of friends who played together every day at recess. I made up stories and we acted them out. We were a family with children and babies all around.  One girl was the grandma who loved to braid my hair while she sang the songs of her own grandma.

At nine and ten, I hid books between the pages of my school books and tried to read during math or science. I usually got caught. My favorite time of the week at home or at school was going to the library to pick out new books for the week.

At nine and ten, I was filled with the stories and the people I read about it books. I was Dolley Madison, Pocahontas, or Narcissa Whitman on a picnic table wagon train. I didn’t just read books- I lived them.

At nine and ten, I  went on adventures, I explored, I discovered the secret places around our houses. I marched up and rang the doorbell of our Asian neighbors and asked her many questions about her life. She was gracious and invited me to tea, many times.

At nine or ten, I liked solitude. I lived with five brothers and sisters in a very small house. I often tried to find a way to be alone.

At nine and ten, I was a very happy child.

When I was eleven my world began to change, and so did I.

©annettealaine 2014


3 thoughts on “When I was Nine and Ten

    1. At eleven it all seemed to change. My parents took us out of catholic school (couldn’t afford six tuition payments!), my grandfather died and he was a big part of my life. Then we moved away from the neighborhood and only house I remembered. Add the beginning of puberty, and my oh my, my life was just chaos for a while!

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