Musings on a Cloudy Day,

It’s cool, and cloudy. This is what winter looks like in northeast Florida, except it’s only November.

The windows and french doors are opened wide to bring in the outdoors as I take care of the Saturday chores.

The house has been tidied. Clean sheets are on the bed and the towels are swishing around the washer. Clothes are tumbling in the dryer, and I’m busy in the kitchen preparing dinners for the next week. One of my favorite rooms in the house is the kitchen. It’s the kitchen I dreamed of each time we moved. After years of poorly placed appliances and narrow galley designs, this one is open and airy. It’s best feature is the window over the sink. When I was young, I read that Laura Ingalls Wilder requested Almanzo place a window near the counter where she kneaded bread. She loved to look outdoors while she performed a task she hated.  My window keeps my imagination busy while I wash dishes.

Today I watched our gray and white cat, Mr. Tibbles sit and enjoy the cool temperatures. He watched a bird fly overhead. He stared at the dirt in front of him occasionally sniffing and digging. I think he caught a whiff of mole. Later he relaxed on the patio keeping a close eye on two doves pecking in the grass. He does not even bother to chase the birds, he is a both lazy and a peace loving cat.

Mr. Tibble’s calm observations reminded me of something I wrote earlier this morning. I was lamenting the lack of observation time this week. I’ve been too busy, and too tired to properly take note of the changing beauty around me. My solitary walks down the drive to the mailbox have been interrupted by distractions. Now standing at the kitchen window watching my cat take the time to enjoy the day, gives me the spark I needed.

Writers must be ever vigilant. We must look around for inspiration. For me, nature is my greatest source of material. Ever changing, it holds secrets that will be revealed if I tune in to the hum of the earth.

What’s sparks your creativity? Are you giving that spark the attention it needs to flame your imagination?

©annettealaine 2014


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