Goodbye is Bittersweet

Somehow I missed the big announcement yesterday. Probably because my visits to the room have dwindled in the last four months. I got busy. I got frustrated. I got tired of cross posting. Now it’s goodbye, and that word feels bittersweet on my lips.

I joined Red Room on July 5, 2011. I was filled with trepidation. I had been blogging for about a year. In Transition began as a way to keep sane while my world crashed around me. Divorce, job loss, sustained unemployment, re-discovery, re-marriage, loss, the beginning chicks leaving the nest, jobs that sucked, all happening during the throes of middle age.

I took a giant leap of faith and asked to join Red Room. I was not yet identifying myself as a writer. I didn’t know if I could keep up with real writers. Cautiously I posted some of my blog posts, and the kind people here responded- with warmth, and with incredible grace.

Red Room became my place to hang out with the cool kids. I loved reading the poems, the stories, the musings, the advice, and the rants. I loved them all.

Along the way a group of us became as Nancy Brady Smith labeled us: the Red Room cheerleaders. We used our collective voice to try to get Red Room to update the often frustrating platform, the lost comment threads, and the most confusing of all- the great profile picture switch that to this day, no one seems to know why we often received another member’s mug shot on our post.

Frustrations aside, I made many, many friends: Kelly, Rina, Rebbecca, Mary, Jane, Katia, Ron, Michael, Nan, Eva, Jennifer, to name a few.

I’m thankful we’ve found ways to connect through Facebook and that many of us can continue to offer our support to each other through that platform.

Going forward, please visit me at In Transition: or A View from the Hill at the same address. I began the second blog recently when I want to reflect on life in general.

I will miss hanging out with you all.

I’ve uttered a lot of goodbyes the past few years. This one is bittersweet


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