Goodbye Harry

Unless you’ve been under a rock, the last Harry Potter movie has been released.

I have been both eagerly anticipating and dreading the end of this magical tale because it’s not just goodbye to the series, but a lingering goodbye to my son’s childhood.

Harry and Scott grew up together. When Harry discovered he was a wizard, he and my son were the same tender age. We anticipated each new book’s summer release as eagerly as Harry awaited his return to Hogwarts School.

When his brother turned six, Scott could not wait to introduce him to Harry, Ron and Hermione. Each morning, Scott would read aloud to his brother as we traveled to school. I enjoyed the read aloud almost as much as his brother.

We had to share “Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince.” Scott would keep the book with him during the day, and I would read it at night after he went to bed. When he finally discovered I was reading it too, he made me promise not to read past him. I got so caught up in the story that I finished the book three days ahead of him and never breathed a word.

We have always gone to see the Harry Potter movies together. When Scott went away to college, we planned our premiere of the each movie to coincide with his visit home.

It’s fitting that Harry’s final chapter is coming two weeks after Scott turned 21. They both reached the end of childhood together.

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kelly-tweeddale’s picture
Kelly Tweeddale
JUL.16.2011 – 4:04 PM
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I wonder if we will have a
I wonder if we will have a generation dubbed the “Harry Potter” generation just like we have the Baby Boomer generation and what attributes they will bring to the future? I hope it is magic, friendship, and courage. The world could benefit from a little of that.

My daughter is 15 and we started out with me reading aloud and ended by sharing the final books. Sometimes she still says, “Do the Hagrid voice.” And sometimes I still do.


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