A Gift to Myself

It’s quiet today.I listened to my inner voice and changed course this morning, choosing to spend the day far away from the stress whirlpool that has sucked me in for more than two weeks.I’m spending the day home with my cat and my husband, who is tucked away in his studio working.

The silence is a balm to my soul- no clashing noises, just the soothing song of the birds and the occasional snore of the cat.

I breathe deeply, feeling my shoulders relax. I have ignored the clock today and listened only to the rhythms of my body. I had a proper breakfast, no quick bowl of cereal this morning. I slowly sipped my coffee. I read the paper. I took a brief nap.

The knot in my gut is loosening. I pick up my journal and write for the first time in weeks. I stare at the roses still beautiful in their vase. I eat a little chocolate because it tastes good as it slowly melts on my tongue.

Because I am not rushed or hurried, my mind slows to crawl.  I sit quietly and go inward. I feel free to meander through my thoughts and ideas.

I have no agenda or to-do list today. I left that on my desk at work. This is my bonus day, my gift to myself.

© annettealaine



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