Bonus Day

The rains bring sunshine, and clear blue skies.

Working makes me appreciate the bonus days. Those three-day holidays that come just when I need it.

Today was bonus. I woke up to another gray, cool day. Spring retreated yet again. I didn’t fret, happy that I had one more day to spend doing whatever I wanted to do.

The house was quiet. I leisurely sipped coffee and read the paper. I lingered over my second cup, reading from a novel. The cat was curled up near me. The neighborhood was still.

Later I took a brisk walk, enjoying the silence. Everyone else seemed to be working today. A hot shower  followed by time at the keyboard transcribing notes for the story I am working on.

The lamp light grew dimmer as the sun began to burn through layers of gray clouds. Soon the breeze blew the last wisps away leaving bright, blue skies.

Kitty and I had a quick lunch and headed out to the porch. My jacket was shed quickly, as the sun warmed my skin. I moved to the shady side of the patio when my arms began to turn pink. The glorious beauty of the day  felt like a benediction. My bonus day is perfect.

Enjoy your bonus days.



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