Life Boat

“My life is a boat tossed among the waves”

My boat never stays on an even keel for very long these days. I will have one or two days of clear skies and water as smooth as glass. I glide along feeling unfettered, free of the past, excited to see the horizon in the distance. I am enjoying the warmth of the sun and the cool breeze in my hair. Life is good.

Then clouds build, the wind shifts and the boat begins to rock. I have to take down the sails and row myself back to a safe place to wait out the storm. I am buffeted by strong winds and afraid that I am going to capsize. Each time the storm ends, I am in a slightly different place.

Transition time is like a series of storms: some are major hurricanes and some are rain showers, but each one continues to steer my boat in a different direction.

I think that these stormy days remind me to appreciate the sunny days so I never take them for granted. As I navigate the waters of mid- life I understand that this is part of the process. Each new storm, each new experience continues to shape and mold me.

I am being tumbled in the waves and tossed about by those frequent storms like a piece of beach glass. My edges softened, my colors become a bit more muted, but there will be great beauty in the end. Life’s struggles like the waves, tend to strip down the layers of shiny facade to reveal a true, authentic beauty.



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