Garden of Delight

I found a great quote today:

“Your journey has turned….but that doesn’t erase the need you had in the first place to discover who you are and where you want to go.”

My life’s journey has moved from a linear path to something quite convoluted,

but it does not give me the same sense of frustration as it has in the past.

I may be wandering, pausing and pondering, but I am always moving forward.

My steps are deliberate and sure.

I am less hurried, and no longer impatient for life to move me forward

to a distant time where all things come together.

I am content to wait in the stillness and breathe in the uniqueness of today.

I have used this time wisely, allowing my garden to lie fallow and the earth to rest.

Over time I have carefully cultivated my plot.

Turning the soil thoughtfully, and choosing which seeds to grow.

The seeds that I planted are finally beginning to push through the warm earth.

They are small promises of good, and beautiful things to come.




2 thoughts on “Garden of Delight

    1. I usually attribute quotes to the source when I can locate them. I did not have the original author to this one, having found it posted on someone’s facebook status.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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