Practicing Yoga

My yoga teacher told me this morning that I have never looked stronger in my practice, or better all around.

I was pleased that she noticed, but more importantly, it confirmed what I already knew- I am coming into myself.

I’ve been practicing yoga for over ten years. I love the term “practice,” because you never master yoga, you just keep trying to get something new out of every pose. I spent two years doing intense Sun Power Yoga. That was fast paced and very aerobic ( a morph between Bikram and Hatha.)

My taste in yoga changed, because my life had changed. I felt surrounded by chaos with lifestyle changes, job changes and raising three teens, that I craved peace and quiet. I needed to heal my inner thoughts, and a slow, mindful practice became my oasis.

I slowed down was because my body was slowing. At 50, the limbs and joints were screaming in protest. So I made the conscious decision to create a practice I could continue for the rest of my life.

Yoga allows me to ask my body and mind- what do you need today? Sometimes just arriving on the mat, and breathing deeply is enough. Some days I feel very fluid and can take a pose to another level.

My strength is increasing. I can hold a plank pose longer and stronger than I did six years ago in the prime of my previous yoga practice.

The acknowledgement of my body’s strength has given me more mental and emotional strength. I am more aware of who I am.

My yoga teacher and I agree that there is so much freedom comes when a woman reaches her fifties. It’s a great time in a woman’s life, to re discover our inner and outer strength.


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