Chocolate Therapy

Creamy, dark deliciousness.
Sinfully bad for my waistline,
but I cannot deny how good I 
feel when I place a deep cocoa square
on my tongue,
you take me far from here.

I love sweets. I just love the way I feel when I am savoring a delicious dessert, or allowing a small piece of chocolate to melt on my tongue. It’s equivalent to a Calgon moment.

I am a busy person and can’t always make the time for a long soak in the tub with a scented candle, good book and goblet of wine at my side. I don’t always have the extra cash for a professional pedicure and massage.

So, I reach for my some quick gratification. It’s more than just a sugar fix.  One Dove dark chocolate pillow reminds me that I am worth indulging. The dark, rich flavor takes me to a calm place where voices speak softly, lights are low, and people move slowly.

© annettealaine


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