Drama Queens

As I enter the middle years I’ve noticed that for some women, life is still played out in a high school arena.

You know the type. They were probably the “it” girls at their school. Guys wanted to date them, and girls wanted to be them.

They got used to starring in their own movies. These girls created drama, and thrived on it, while talking about how they were just trying to get along with everyone.

Enter middle age. This type of woman is often very involved in their clubs, their kid’s schools, and their church. They are the “doers” and they thrive on the attention that they receive being in charge of the school play, the annual garden club fete, and the parish bazaar. Everyone agrees that “Missy” is a so helpful and dedicated.

The other side of this is “Missy” likes to be in charge, doing things her way. She wants all the glory and attention. If you offer to help, she will assign you a menial task, and if she overhears you making too much about your small role, she will find a way diminish your contribution.

She loves to tell anyone that she is only a volunteer, meaning she can quit whenever things aren’t going her way- and she does, often.

Missy has strong allegiances, and, like high school, if you cross her she will cut you, and complain that you are not a “team player.”

Since returning to the workforce after a period of un-employment I’ve had to deal with Missy and her friends.

I hoped that by middle age, woman could drop the competitive drama, and support one another. Women are more powerful when they stand side by side.

©annettealaine 2014



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