Living in the Moment

My iPod is set on shuffle as I begin my walk in the early spring sunshine. It had been another stressful day at work, and a good, brisk walk was exactly what I needed to clear my head.

I find the selection of songs that flow through my earplugs fit my mood. A bluegrass tune to warm me up, hard rock plays as I wind my way up and down the streets, and as I turn the corner for home, Tracy Chapman’s, “I’m Ready” calms me down.

My mood had lifted along with the dark clouds that had filled the sky most of the day. I enjoy the warmth of the spring sunshine and the chinook breeze that ruffles my hair.  I open the doors and sit down with some fresh radishes and hummus, and read the paper while my simple dinner for one bakes in the oven.

The house is quiet, no children walking about, no music coming from my husband’s studio. There is only the sound of the breeze rustling the leaves in the trees and the sweet song of the cardinal calling his mate.

I am here, fully present in this moment, reveling in its perfect form. I’m ready, to let this river of peace flow over me.

© annettealaine-2014


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