Thoughts on Hair

Why do we buy into the idea that we all age equally? Do you ever look at magazine covers in the grocery store?

Your best sex at 20-30-40.

How to Dress your Best in your 20’s-30’s-40’s.

Best Hairstyles for your Age.

That last one really bugs me.

I had a great recommendation for a wonderful hairdresser. The guy is really gifted with the scissors. My first hair session was a success. He cut my hair in a lovely longer style with kicky little bangs. I got a lot of compliments and then scheduled my trim.

“How short do you want it?” was his first question. I told him how much I loved my current length and could he just trim it up.

“Sure thing.”

Forty-five minutes later I walked out with the classic short bob.

The “mature woman” look.

I’m mad at hairdresser, but not for the obvious reason.

I am mad, because the assumption is a woman in middle age (45 plus) needs shorter hair.
Older women with long hair are in the minority. Is it because they chose short hair, or we’ve been told it looks “too young.”

I’m not prejudiced against short hair. There are a dozen cute styles that I would love to try, if I actually looked good with super short hair.

My mother tried when I was in third grade. She had my hair cut into a “pixie.” I looked awful.

I tried short hair at least two more times, but the results were a disaster.

But, that day my hairdresser decided that I was a candidate for the “classic bob.”

I don’t feel unique anymore, because I see my hair style on every other woman of a certain age all over town.

Hair re-grows, but my feelings on growing older will not change.

I will decide how I dress and wear my hair.

Viva la difference.

©annettealaine 2014




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