Welcome to my view…

Middle age is an odd place.

It’s a precipice~ suspended between the first half of our lives, when the possibilities were endless,

but the path taken often the safest,  and the second chapter of our lives, when time seems to speed up. Possibilities turn into bucket lists. Safe paths are abandoned, and risks aren’t as scary.

Children are grown, careers maybe winding down, or changing. Marriages crumble when the cement of child raising no longer holds empty nesters together.

Middle age is ripe~ for adventure.

What I thought of as my summit a few years ago, was only a small hill along the winding path of my journey.

I was smug in my self assurance that the rest of my path was clear and straightforward.

Then I got knocked right off that crest.

Middle age brought divorce, prolonged unemployment, career changes, children launched and only to ricochet back to the nest,  and re-marriage with its ensuing challenges.

Middle age they say, is not for wimps.

So my view from my little hill is wisdom gained, while bowing to the realization that there are many more peaks and valleys yet to come.



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